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So I've only changed my blog like 6,000 times in the last few weeks. Sorry. I think it's set for good now. However, I had to delete my blog list - so will you comment me and remind me to add yours if I forgot? I only put up the ones that came to my mind really quickly but I know I'm missing some important ones! Even if I didn't have it up before - tell me so I can have a link! Thanks so much!

Alsooooo.... I'm really excited because I got accepted to join the Blogher network. I had played around with Google Ads on here, but hated it because the first ads the put up were for porn and the church of scientology. Obviously problematic. BUT - the Blogher network is MUCH different; all women, lots of mommy bloggers & a great little online community. In the next few days I should get the code to put their ad on my page and it will all be done! I hope ya'll enjoy it! They should have pretty like-minded links to things I post about: food, kid stuff, other women bloggers. 

In summary:
I think the blog is semi-stable for now. Hope you enjoy.
Tell me your blog link so I can put it up in here. 
Enjoy the blogher links! night tonight! So excited!