it's friday

It's Friday at 10am which means it is officially my "time off". From 10am-2pm on Fridays, I get some mommy free time where I can do whatever I want. I usually get up early, get dressed in real clothes, and go to Starbucks to read or write or whatever. Today I don't really have any reading to catch up on & I'm not quite in the mood to write.

So.... my plan is to go shopping for a special wedding project for Mere that I've been working on, which is crazy exciting. I'm definitely going to take a shower somewhere in there. Then - I'm going to come home & watch tv. Watch tv, you say? Yes - watch a whole lot of tv. For the last two years, I've had some form of basic cable... just a few of the standard channels & it's been just fine with me. Well when we moved to New Beginnings, we noticed that the internet was almost as slow as dial-up so we knew we'd eventually have to upgrade that for Nick's internet classes. Well - New Beginnings went ahead & okayed us to have the entire shabang setup: CABLE, DVR, AND FAST INTERNET! And as I speak, Comcast is here installing it all.

By this afternoon, I plan to have the entire Bravo channel DVRed. And - no more bickering when Nick is watching sports for six hours straight; because as I sit there, snugly tucked into his arm, I'll know that Project Runway is waiting for me.

Thank you Jesus. Amen.
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