my man.

I don't know if I can get enough of my son. Seriously, I love his guts.
I love that he says "thank you" obsessively.
I love how he says the word "no" extremely sweetly.
I love that he likes to play in the rain. See above.
I love that he plays on his new skateboard but is plenty content just to carry it around and say that it is "cooooool".
I love that the little nutter butter crawled out of his crib for the first time today and even though I was scared to death, he cuddled with me for twenty minutes afterward.
I love when he makes his sis laugh just by looking at her.
I love that his second favorite toy is an empty Starbucks cup. Wait, maybe that isn't so awesome.
In general, Elias is one of my good friends and I can't wait to spend tomorrow with him again.
"Elias"Jessi3 Comments