Fashion Friday

So... edition #2 of fashion fridays is dedicated to the most fashionable woman I know - 
Gloriana Eloise Connolly. 
Even when she was in utero, she made it clear to me that she was no wall flower. The normal pale pink layette would just not suffice. Purple is her color, anything animal print makes her shine, and sassy is her middle name! Well - not really. But baby girl, if I had all the money in the world - these are the items I would buy you pronto! Until then - we will more than make do and practice working with what we've got! I can't wait till you can help collaborate or be a guest blogger!

to begin - a chic sweater dress for rainy days

next, something to sleep in that helps us remember your wild side even when you look so peaceful in rest!

a onesie that you can spill sweet treats on...

some tights with sass since fashion is ALWAYS in bloom. 

a ladylike hat for the everday...

and lastly, some bloomers with kick so the little boys in the nursery at church will be reminded of their fate if they try and touch you. 

Love you sweet girl.