a funny story for you.

I've been meaning to blog about this for a few days but felt overwhelmed with trying to describe it in words. It's much better when we act it out!

On Friday after Elias' nap, I let him come snuggle with me and he was particularly snuggly and still and I actually dozed off. I assumed he did the same and when I woke up, Nick was sitting beside us. After we got our bearings and started playing on the bed, Nick said....

"you know - he was really sweet, he almost fell asleep with you."
me: "oh really, I thought he did fall asleep?!"
Nick: "No, but he just laid there and let you rest. The funniest part was when you started snoring. Without moving or taking out his passy - he just started imitating you."
me: (now hysterically laughing) "Seriously? I don't snore!"
Nick: "oh yes you do! Elias, show her what she was doing! Show her how she was snoring!"

At this point, Elias - who had been quietly playing with something on our bed, came over - stuck his passy in his mouth, laid his head on my chest, closed his eyes and pretended to SNORE! UGH! Also - to make matters worse, in the last three days, everytime Nick mentiones snoring, Elias comes and snuggles up to me, does his best fake-sleeping, and makes a sound like a dead animal. Gotta love some kids.
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