Thankful Thursday

1. my ladies group - I'm actually writing this on Wednesday night, but I can't wait to go tomorrow.
2. caffeine free diet coke & popcorn - nothing makes me feel better when I'm pukey in the afternoon.
3. Lauren Hogan.
4. Glory's "ugly smile". I can't even describe it - she tips her head back and closes her eyes and smiles really, really wide.
5. The team of workers that is coming to volunteer at our house this weekend.
6. My thyroid medicine finally kicking in.
7. This picture from the greatest day ever.
8. That we're eating Wendy's for dinner tonight because I swore it off two years ago when I was pregnant with Elias... welcome back old friend.
9. That at Glory's doctor's appointment today we found out she is in the 40th percentile for weight, all the way up from zero! Praise God!
10. For Friday's and a few hours to myself tomorrow, and date night. Friday is a wonderful day in general.

How about ya'll?
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