Are you ready for this?

The 1st Annual Connolly/Hogan/Musick New Beginnings Thanksgiving Menu: 

tapas tray
traditional salad
pear & blue cheese salad
brie wrapped in pastry with fruit garnish & Carrs crackers
pumpkin soup
roasted & stuffed garlic cloves

(main dinner) 
TWO 25 pound turkeys: one stuffed, one unstuffed
cornbread sausage dressing
sweet potato souffle 
veggie casserole
homemade macaroni
congealed salad
red smashed potatoes with goat cheese
cranberry relish
yeast rolls
creamed corn
traditional sweet potatoes 
gravy, duh.

banana bread
apple pie
pumpkin pie
southern pecan pie
espresso brownies
ALL a la mode. 

It's hard for Lauren & I to imagine our first Thanksgiving away from home, so we're focusing on making our mamas proud from the other coast. 
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