So, my sweet friend Kelly has insinuated that I'm less than forthcoming on the old blog. Apparently, I list my many endeavors and don't exactly communicate when I lack on the completion. So, here it goes - Kelly better follow through with her end of the bargain (to list her own confessions) and I'd like if all of you did as well:)

- I did move the kids into the same room and about a week later, we moved them back out. Glory was regressing and taking a 4am bottle so we kicked her out of the nursery while she broke the habit.
- After Elias' daddy day and subsequent passy overdose, I haven't actually taken it back yet. He had it for his nap & bedtime yesterday and today. When I work up the dedication to take it away, maybe the Lord will help me once again.
- Elias eats veggie chicken nuggets around three times a week. Mac & Cheese atleast twice a week. I'm not a creative meal mommy.
- The other day, I called a poop embargo and decided I wouldn't change another stinky diaper - I had already done one for each kid by noon and they were both filling up their tanks again. So, I did what any respectable mother would do & bribed our assistant Lauren with a coffee to change one of the stinkers.
- I don't brush Elias' teeth twice a day, every day. Between Nick and I, I think we hit him once a day - maybe, but it's not my forte. Please no lectures here, I'm working on it.
- I quit making my own baby food when my nausea flared up and didn't start back up when it went away. I really want to, but man - it takes so long.
- I only wash my hair every three days and I usually only cleanse my face with baby wipes. My hair is high maintenance and my skin is low maintenance & I take advantage.
- I like christian rap music.
(that last one was for free)
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