connolly kids do eating out

When Elias was a baby, we'd eat out at casual restaurants every once in a while - for lunch after church or the occasional weeknight. Here, in Puyallup, things are a little different. There aren't a ton of kid-friendly restaurants & Nick has a church class right after our Sunday service so the kids & I just jet on home. So, we end up never taking them out to eat, I think it's actually been months since we all went to lunch or dinner somewhere other than our house.

Tonight I asked Nick if we could try to take the kids to dinner and it really was a special little treat... Elias is big enough to eat real adult human (kids menu) food really well and Glory can eat her baby food & actually act really interested in being outside of the home. We went to Casa Mia, a casual little italian place here in sleepy town. I have to say, those cuties did VERY well. Elias housed a salad and some pasta and Glory was thankful for little bits of garlic bread in between her bites. Nick and I shared a ceasar salad & a veggie pizza - it was awesome.

The wrap up:
- Elias only shreiked 4 times
- Glory only squealed 5 times
- Zero tears
- no big spills (thank you Jesus)
- and a $40 tab reminded us we won't be doing family dining until we live near an even more kid friendly place. I mean Chik-fil-A, Qdoba, Panera - throw us a bone in Puyallup, please! That's okay, I don't mind eating at home!

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