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This being my third pregnancy, you think I'd be getting used to how it works. I have to say, this time around, it's such an unexpected blessing to have most of my friends here pregnant with me! Kelly understood when I needed to puke mid-sentence, Kalle & I can rejoice over finding a food that makes us feel good, and even though Lauren isn't pregnant, she knows all about the subject so she can laugh with me. It's a nice little gift. 

So tonight I'm just overwhelmed with my crazy cravings - I really would think that this would feel normal by now. But it's still weird to me. I have a handful of foods that I can eat and I want them all the time. All the time. Here's my crazy list: 
  • Red meat of any kind. Preferably pretty stinking rare. Tonight I got a craving for steak that was so intense, I went to Fred Meyer to buy some just for myself. I'm not going to describe it because it will sick you out. I will tell you that as strongly as I knew I needed steak, I knew I needed to eat it with sour cream & hot sauce. 
  • That brings me to sour cream. I like that on everything. Veggies, chips, or by the spoonful. I started giving it to Elias with all his meals & then realized he wasn't as weird as me. 
  • I need orange juice like an addict needs drugs. And I only like to drink it in wine glasses. If I've already had a big glass and want to watch my sugar, I just take a shot of it. Sad.
  • I was on a hilarious baked-potato kick and ate one a day, with shredded pepper-jack cheese, salsa, & of course - sour cream. Now I've made myself sick of them and I've traded in my baked-potatoes for chips, nachos style. 
  • For breakfast I eat an egg on toast with pepper-jack, hot sauce, and mustard. I've eaten this for like three weeks in row solid and am now sick of it, so I'm on to peanut butter toast. 
  • I'm back to my pregnancy ice obsession. It kicks in around now and doesn't go away till I'm in the hospital and the baby is out. It annoys the poop out of my husband & is probably killing my teeth. I just don't care. 
  • So that's me - anything that is bloody, has hot sauce, pepper-jack, ice, sour cream, or mustard involved in it: BRING IT ON. 

What are your cravings? Pregnant or normal - I want to hear them all. Make me feel better. 
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