Daddy Days

So, today was such a fun & busy day.

This morning started with a retrieval trip to Lexi's to get Elias' lovey that we had left at group yesterday. I felt so bad putting him down for a nap and bedtime last night with no lovey and no passy - but I was so proud of him when did well without both. (He did cling to a stuffed puppy for dear life) After that I had a fun day by myself, with only one really hectic hour in the midst of it when I lost my keys in between spa appointments. Found the keys, finished up, raced home to see the kids before bed. Nick, Elias, and Glory had an amazing day and the three of them were all smiles when I got in. Nick put Elias to bed - who was thrilled to have his sweet lovey back and I spent a last few minutes with my girl before she passed out.

Nick and I went to The Harmon in Tacoma for dinner and ate like stinking KINGS.
Onion rings for appetizers, sandwiches & garlic fries for dinner, and a 22 oz. chocolate cake for dessert.
We brought plenty of leftovers home with notes written on our take-out box reading, "EAT & DIE". We're serious about leftovers.

When we got in after dinner, I went and took a last glance at the kiddos. Glory - passed out.
Imagine my surprise when I saw Elias sleeping peacefully - WITH HIS PASSY. When he saw me standing over his crib, he immediately slammed his hand over his passy so I couldn't take it. WHAT?! I ran to our room and asked Nick how in the world did he find that passy? Apparently, Daddy was trying to win some brownie points and Elias had it for his nap AND bedtime tonight. If my husband wasn't so handsome, I'd give him a piece of my mind. The two of them together were too cute for me to make a big fuss about it, so we'll just start over tomorrow. Gotta love Daddy days.
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