days like this.

My spring semester of my junior year was one of the funnest and busiest times of my life. I was engaged to marry my luverrrr & I was living in a fun little house with my three best friends. My typical days were full, full, full. I woke up each morning around 4:30 and went to the gym to do cardio. After that I came home to shower then met Nick for coffee and we walked to our 8am classes together. We were done by noon and went on to work as interns at the church we attended and usually had some sort of youth event/hangout after work. As soon as we were done with that, I went back to the gym for weights and then on to study with my friends at our favorite coffee shop until around 11 or 12, when we'd collapse on and start all over. On the weekends we did church stuff, tried to see family, and I also had a part-time job at an art gallery. Nick and I were overbooked and stretched crazy thin - taking 21 hours each to graduate early and going, going, going. But I never felt stretched thin or really tired from what I remember... it was just normal life.

This is NOT me boasting, because I am not that woman anymore. I don't really even know who that was - but she kind of freaks me out, she atleast makes me exhausted.
I'm glad life was like that for a season - it was nice to feel so productive before marriage and babies came along, but I'm even more glad it's not like that anymore. Yesterday I counted as REALLY productive because I took a shower, did three loads of laundry, cleaned Glory's bottles, and emptied the diaper pile. Unless you count going next door for a staff meeting, I actually didn't go anywhere at all.

Tomorrow my plan is to drive to Renton & stop by Lexi's and pick up Elias' lovey that I forgot today, drive on to Kirkland to visit Sara in the hospital, maybe stop by and see Kalle if I have time, then back down to Redmond to go to all my little appointments. When I get home, I'll play with the kids (since I will have missed them terribly) and go on a date with my husband (since I can't get enough of him). Saturday my plan is to take the kiddos and hang out with Marilee, since our husbands have a conference together, and hopefully during that time we'll visit a gift fair event thingy at our church. Once I get home and get the kids to bed, I'll drive back out to Issaquah for Kelly's craft night. I won't even talk about Sunday.

These are not normal days for me, they kind of make me want to cry and they kind of exhilirate me all at once. Today I was playing the coming events over and over again and anticipating each step, and I thought about crazy psycho busy Jessi from the spring of 2005 and knew she'd laugh at such a simple day. Funny how things change.
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