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It only takes an election for me to turn into an actual wuss.

I am such a middle child when it comes to stuff like conflict over politics & presidents. When I read everyone's facebook statuses or watch The View, I sort of inwardly coward and stick my fingers in my ears. It's not that I don't think politics are important - or that the issues don't totally mean something to me - but when I see humans, and believers at that, arguing and ridiculing one another - instead of talking like adults, I feel cornered and frightened.

There are so many issues I'm passionate about when it comes to politics, but I'm not scared to go public and say - the issue of Jesus Christ is the only one I'm really willing to die for. He's the only one whose character I know and support, He is the only one who can fix this country - or this world for that matter. He appoints Kings and Rulers of this world, but He will always be the King and Ruler of my heart.

Whatever happens tomorrow, He will still be in control. Whoever gets elected, I will pray for.

I appreciate people who are passionate about politics and use a humble and patient voice to try and educate others about what is going on, but maybe as believers we should recommit to acting Christlike in these next few days and weeks - no matter what happens. Sometimes acting Christlike means being extreme in our opinions and sometimes it means being extreme in our grace and peace. If you're a wuss like me, I'll be praying for you - maybe we can just ignore all the yelling tomorrow and provide some comic relief. If you're on the louder side of politics, I'll being praying peace and trust for your heart too.
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