stranger danger

One night in college, I got a yucky feeling as I was going to bed. I lived in a house with five girls, but Meredith (who shared my room with me), was out of town. A few minutes later, Laura (another roommate) walked in and asked if I was ok because there had just been a peeping tom outside my window. Our little peeping tom soon became a reoccurring nuisance. We even named him Blake. For some reason, this freaked me out but it didn't terrify me... it became more of a joke than a real threat.

Last night, there was a prowler outside of our house. The crazy part was, for some insane reason, we (Lauren, Nick, and I) were all semi-awake at 2:30am when he made his little appearance. Lauren actually saw him out the window & Beulah scared him off, bless her heart. Nick promptly took care of the situation, called the police (twice), and inspected the property with his weapon of choice - a flashlight. We checked on the kids repeated times, eventually pulled Elias into bed with us because he was freaked out from all the noise, and Nick stayed up until 5:30am keeping guard.

For whatever reason, our one little encounter terrified me about six gagillion times more than our ever-present Blake in college. I think it's the kids - I went all Mama Wolf last night. It's been a tumultuous few weeks at New Beginnings and we've actually had to ask two girls to leave in the past few weeks because of some serious behavioral and mental issues. In the scary part of my mind last night, I thought one of them might be coming to get us - yikes. I'm glad I have one true Protector in Christ, and one strong stinking husband to sleep beside me. But I still think I'm going to set a loud booby trap at the top of our stairs tonight - seriously.
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