thankful thursday

... STARBUCKS CHRISTMAS CUPS. I could right a whole blog on this - wait - I did last year.
... that the election is over.
... that Elias' personality & vocabulary seemed to have BLOSSOMED with his recent haircut. Words we've added: gentle, blue, red, yellow, purple, coke, & spoon. Seriously? All in one day?! Also I was inspired by Angie's blog about femininity & we taught him to softly rub my cheek when he says gentle. aaaahh - my heart melts.
... diet coke. beverages are really important to me, and now that coffee is out - I need diet coke to get thru the day again.
... that my hair is finally growing out. thank you pregnancy hormones.
... that I get to name another baby. I looooooove baby names, love them. I already have a running list but will not be sharing the final pick this time. Here are some that are starting to build in my head: Rose, Margaret, Esme, Ines, Adele, Hogan, Simeon, Porter, Boaz, Joaquin. That's only the beginning of my list - I read the 50,000 baby names book in bed each night.
... my husband. He's been psycho busy with tons of school, ministry, and new church volunteering stuff - but he is being such a trooper. One of the main reasons we moved out here was because he was so overbooked, but this is totally different and every new task he takes on, he flourishes with. He's still carving out time for the kids, for me, and surprising me every step of the way.
... that tomorrow is Friday. I say that every week, but I really love it. This Friday I'm doing breakfast with girlfriends, the rest of the day with the whole fam, & date night - as usual.
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