almost there.

Gifts I'm most excited to give my kids:
...did someone say tricycle? Classic.
...this hilarious blow up weeble sort of toy for Glory that she is going to pummel. She is such a bully. This is sort of a gift to Elias so she won't hurt him so much anymore.
...A new "cars" sippy cup for E & the cars DVD. He loves that movie and he LOVES cups.

What I'm cooking:
...a new take on my mom's breakfast casserole. Mom, I decided to try & throw some cornbread in there, I'll let you know how it goes! Lauren's thanksgiving stuffing was my inspiration.
...Some precut cookie dough Christmas cookies with homemade icing. I'm like Sandra Lee & semi-homemade, 70% store bought.
...custom made olive oils. Lemon pepper, get in my belly.
...ooooh! This is my fave! Homemade fried donut holes with powdered sugar & cinnamon.

What I still have left to do: last minute gift for Nicky poo.
...wrap all of Nick's gifts.
...put up the kids laundry so there is room to open presents.
...vacuum pine needles so Glor doesn't eat them all while we open presents.
...pry my hard & dried up gingerbread house off my white china plate.
...take a picture of all my Christmas cards from friends.
...pack our bag for the Cowans for Christmas night!
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