fashion friday

I'm bringing it back, sort of.

I love Christmas gifts - LOVE. More than Christmas gifts, though, I love stocking stuffers! Just little things that someone finds on Christmas morning and thinks, "yes! what a great addition to my life!"

So, while all of these items may not be fashion based, they are all stocking stuffers I'd like to get for the ones I love.

For my husband:

The Mac Logos Software, it's not cheap but it's certainly small & I'm sure he would consider it something that would greatly benefit his life!

My son:

He loves to play outside and I'm sure if we get the foot of snow we're expecting this weekend, he's going to NEED to be outside!

My girl-girl:

Enough said. Enough said.

For my Mama:

I like these way better than the ones I got you last year!

For my sweet nieces, so I can cook with them the next time I see them:


Some fashion wellies for her walks with Beu.



The preggos living with us right now:

For Kel:

A necklace with Kanah & Grace's initials on it. And maybe I could then get her to tell me #3's name or atleast the first letter:)

for sweet Marilee:

a new necklace for you:)

& Angie -

For all the sweet girly gifts you're going to get for Ava.

and lastly for my sweet sister, Ruby

well, because, she works at a jail. Sorry, Kate.