I don't blog about my baby girl too much - for a bunch of different reasons. First, her brother is usually a little more loud and in general a little more high maintenance at this point in life. Two, she's my girl, and I feel a deep need to protect her a lot. So - I thought I'd take a minute and tell you all about what she is like right now.

1. She is a beauty. Beauty. Beauty. When we did her final genetic appointment to make sure she had no problems at all, they measured each and every inch of her body to see if they could find any abnormalities. When they did, the doctors told us she was numerically beautiful - perfectly symmetrical in every way, no surprise here. It's funny though, because she has all of my crazy facial expressions, it's hard to get a good picture of her - like her mama. However, I'm still really overwhelmed with her smiles.

2. That booger is SMART. I'm not even kidding. We told her ONE TIME how to do "please" in sign language and she automatically picked it up. It took me weeks to get Elias to rub his chest when he wanted something and now Glory just beats her little self and grunts every time she wants something. Also, she can tell the difference between when Elias has been disciplined (and is crying) and when he hurts himself. If he falls, she becomes a little unhinged but if he gets spanked and cries, she laughs.

3. She is the most active baby I've literally ever seen. From the second she wakes up until she goes to bed, she is moving moving moving. Every night when we put her down, we're sure she won't fall asleep because even then she is flailing and freaking out, but we put her in the crib and woosh! she is out. The only exception is when she wants to cuddle with her dad, she will curl up on his shoulder and rub his face and snuggle.

4. She hasn't yet learned she has legs. She still gets around only using her arms and she can even pull up now, but her little legs just dangle behind her. Glory can get up on her hands & knees, but she refuses to crawl that way. Who knows why?

5. Glor-Glor sleeps exactly like her brother. I don't know where either of them got if from, but they sleep identically. They both sleep on their tummies, with their legs straight out, and their hands tucked right under their upper legs. They head right to that position the moment we put them down and stay that way all night. Preeeecious.

lastly, 6. She is a real joy. I don't say those words lightly or too quickly - she is really a massive blessing. We pegged both our babies wrong at birth - we thought Elias was really serious and proffessor-like and we thought Glory was well, kind of prickly. Turns out, she is easy-going and fun loving. I thank God for her & her sweet little spirit.
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