gourmet goodness

The main ways I receive love are: 
words of affirmation
& chicken wings. 
My love affair with the wing de poultre began in college when I was on the atkins diet. Nick realized that this was a great way to fill me up without giving me bread & so we figured out which wing places in Columbia had $0.10 wing nights & we'd do that almost every night. He had a happy & cheap date. One night in college, I'm proud to admit I out-ate all of our guy friends and downed 30 hot wings without really blinking. Man, I miss you - Atkins. You did me good. 
Tonight, I relayed my exhaustion to my husband & told him for me to get excited and finish the day strong, work out, & do laundry - I needed a really thrilling dinner & he did not disappoint. I just polished off around 12 wings & a salad & now I'm ready to go. Thanks, husband. 
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