I accept your challenge, Larlar

Whether it is the past few days of being locked in by ice, or the prospective massive snow coming in, or the face that my kids are in bed, or the fact that all the laundry in our whole house is clean and put up, or the fact that all the good TV is off for the holidays... Whatever it is, I'm actually excited to do a little internet survey.

8 TV Shows I Watch: NO JUDGMENTS. I'm being totally honest.
1) General Hospital
2) The Office
3) House
4) Gossip Girl
5) Seinfeld
6) Jon & Kate Plus Eight
7) Lost
8) The View

8 Favorite Restaurants: (only eight?!)
1) Original Pancake House (Southpark location preferably at Christmas)
(or the downtown location with Kal & Stace)
(or the Columbia one with Leigh & Gray or Mere, Steph, & Laura)
2) Chik-fil-A. I miss you, baby.
3) Indochine in Tacoma
4) this DELICIOUS mexican place we went to in Redmond that I can't get off my mind
5) Cantina. Oh, Cantina. On a date night with Nick and the kids or with the girls.
6) Beecher's at Pike Place
7) Nordstrom Cafe - anywhere in the whole US, but preferably with Marilee - in a booth where we can nurse our bebes and eat salad at once.
8) Pf Changs with Nicky on a date night

8 Things that Happened to Me Today:
1) The shower water did not scald me for the first time in a month
2) My kids turned me into a short order cook for breakfast and ate like a whole abinet of food.
3) I had time to straighten my hair and made time to put on makeup.
4) I decided I really, really, really want my hair DONE by someone else - much lighter blond. I just can't get it there by myself.
5) I probably laughed at my husband 600 times.
6) I got homesick.
7) Bought a few christmas gifts for my kiddos.
8) I danced with the bebes.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1) The snow a'coming.
2) Life two years from now. With all our babies out & hopefully walking.
3) June. I love baby days.
4) Lauren coming home.
5) Hopefully being at my mom's house in a month, watching all our kids play on the floor together.
6) Sleeping tonight... just being honest.
7) Celebrating my sixtieth wedding anniversary one day.
8) When Elias starts realllly talking. I can't wait to hear what is going to come from that silly head.

8 Things I Wish For:
1) Enough money donated for us to see family this Christmas and buy them all really thoughtful gifts.
2) All new makeup and skin care regime. Including microderm abrasion.
3) To not gain one pound for my entire pregnancy.
4) Health for my whole family & all friends this coming year.
5) A really clear answer from the Lord about what are next step in life should be.
6) The snow to stick and be beautiful but for the roads to be clear enough that the kids & I can go to group on Thursday.
7) For my husband to miraculously be in my head for a split second so he could see how amazing I think he is.
8) To know the Lord much more intimately at the end of 2009.

oops! I forgot to make some people do it! DOOOOO IT.
Nick, Kalle, Sirkalicious, Rachel P, Leigh Hood, JPH, Annie, & my mom
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