monday monday.

You would think stay-at-home-moms wouldn't be as bummed out by Mondays, like the rest of the world. Not so true here. I really put on a brave face for Mondays, though. I don't start grumbling in the a.m. and I usually make a colossal attempt to make it an ok day. This morning I snuggled up close to my husband before the kiddos woke up, got in a shower and left my hair curly to avoid the inevitable bitterness that I must fight when spending 45 minutes to straighten my hair.We put some worship music on during breakfast and even went on a long walk which made my kiddos day. Elias did his "turkey wang" dance all day (this is where I sing "turkey wang, turkey wang" to any song and he jerks his left elbow up in the air awkwardly) and Glory, she did her thing.

It all went south at naptime, though.. For starters, it only lasted 40 minutes for both and then they both woke up screaming crazy bloody murder. The rest of the day was pretty downhill. I had grand ambitions to wash all our bedding, put up the bebes laundry, wash the bottles, do my own laundry, find the lost remote for our bedroom tv, find my missing moleskin, and teach my children kindness, grace, and goodness all at once. Hmmph. It's 8:28pm and I'm still determined to do the bottles, find the remote & moleskin, and maybe - put up some laundry. And start making my Christmas list and keep looking at plane tickets for the holidays.

In Christmas present news - I would like to buy this for my kids, but I think this will do just nicely. Thanks Nonny for the suggestion! Glory, I think, would like something like this and I would like to get Beulah this. Oooooh and I want to get Glory this, and this, and this. And Elias this, too. Oh well, a woman can dream.
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