For the first time in almost three years of blogging, I just kind of want to quit.
I was telling Jason & Kelly about it the other night and Jason asked if I felt like a slave to my blog, and I definitely don't feel that way - I just feel like - come on, you're not that interesting.
However, I think you all are very interesting and I LOVE reading your blogs.
I wish my kids had blogs - I'd love to know what they're thinking about.

So I think tonight I will force myself to put up some pictures of Christmas on the old blog. I didn't take nearly as many as I wanted too, but I got some quality ones nonetheless.
I'll show you. Put up some pics of yours too:)

Also, I think that the period between Christmas & New Years is a confusing space for holiday-centric people like myself. This time last year, I was waiting to fly to Seattle - tracking my cute cross country driving husband as he made his way to Puyallup to set up our home. Now we are praying about where this new year will take us and the new additions we'll be welcoming in our life. Praying for the events we can't even imagine or ask for from our Father that are sure to come our way. Excited for our artificial little holiday coming up when we fly home on the 15th.

I'm also praying about New Years Resolutions - which I take more & more seriously every year. Last year, I'm sad to admit my resolution was to not get pregnant. Sad to say that because now I cherish & praise God for this life inside me that I don't deserve and sad because that resolution was based on me needing to learn patience & discipline and while I do think God hammered that into me in some ways, it wasn't in the area of being careful with my health.

Haha, I just reread this blog & I wish I could put smiley faces all through it. It sounds melancholy & it for sure isn't - waiting on the New Year is never bad. Waiting to grow & learn is always exciting. Now put up some pictures of yourself, your babies, your dog dressed up in Christmas gear so I can look at them tonight!

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