some randoms...

- If you've read the Twilight books, then, well - you're cool. Also, you'll understand the following little tidbit: We decided that Glory has imprinted on someone, er... something. A few months ago Lauren bought new baby a giraffe stuffed animal. A few times this week, Glory randomly found it on her own & tackled it. Then she started falling asleep on top of it every night. She imprinted, that little cutey. We may name it Jacob.
- Today Elias and I made a gingerbread house and I was reminded that a lot of the things you think are going to be so cool to do with your kids aren't fun for the first few years. Elias ate the two gingerbread people who were going to live in the house before I could get the first two walls up. It also looked like a two year old made it, even though I did most of the work.
- I felt the unborn Connolly kick for the first time today. In all truth, it was more of a flip than a kick. Bebe is now the size of an avocado & our midwife said last week that it is a VERY active baby. Anytime she found the heartbeat, it went away in seconds to another little womb area.
- I ate a meatball sub for dinner tonight, that is for real. I don't know who I am anymore. Oooh, I also ate two donuts last night. Is that for real?
- Elias has added some new words this week: back (like put something back), trash, music (skiss,skiss), Gloriana (goooey-a-na), & pretty (freeee). I love that little crazy mouth. One of my proudest moments of this week was when Nick asked me to translate something he said.
- We're going to a fun Christmas party tomorrow night and I'm really excited to look like a fun, cool person. That will be the goal atleast. I got this little shirt from Target that I'm going to wear with a funky jacket of Lauren's, some skinny jeans, & heels.
I would like to look as cool as my husband, who always looks really handsome & fun.
Pray for me.
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