super hero

I've never wondered what it was like to watch a hero be born. I'm not into superman or comic books, I've not really ever thought about what power I'd like to possess. But tonight, watching y'all, I knew this is what it must be like. When someone decides in an instant that the person in front of them is the greatest they know. Fallible, yes. Sinful, sure. But amazing all the same.

For a few days Elias has been completely enthralled with the our Christmas tree & specifically, the red guitar ornament on the lower right side. First thing in the morning and last thing at night he says, "TEEE! TAR!", and then runs to grab the guitar ornament and hold its it precisely as you would a life-size one. He even uses the front of his hand to stroke the strings. It wouldn't be that amazing, but we couldn't for the life of us figure out how he figured out that is what you do with a guitar. Nick plays, but hasn't ever played in front of Elias and the stage at church is usually so far away. Either way, it was cute.

Thinking back to the ornament, it brings up a million feelings about Nick and guitars. We have two really nice ornaments because Nick's mom was so faithful to encourage that gift in him. She was sure, we were sure, that would be his calling. Then it wasn't and we were confused, but the ornaments stayed because they were special.

So tonight, it dawned on me, let's ask Daddy to play the real guitar. I gave Elias the idea and we asked him sweetly. All while we put jammies on, he said "Daddy tar? Daddy tar? Daddy tar, meeeaseee?" Nick obliged and Elias curled up beside me and it happened. The TV was on mute behind us, sis was crying and startled by the music, but he was mesmerized. My boy who can never stop moving ever, was stuck in a moment of real awe of Christ in his daddy. Soon we realized that Glory just wanted to dance so as I held her and she lifted her nine month little hand into the air and Elias got the privilege of actually holding the pic and strumming along.

The two of them praised Him unknowingly - just because they were created to, you praised Him with your obedience to be present when it would be easier to just watch basketball, and I just thanked Him in my heart for your mom buying all those ornaments. If that was the only reason you were ever supposed to learn to play the guitar, it was worth it to watch you become their hero.

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