this week.

This has been a week and a half!

Nick is preparing for his seminary finals, we've had a few special events, and we've had this crazy Victorian Christmas thing to run. I know - we haven't posted any pictures and to be honest, I think you'd be disappointed. I sort of dressed up the first night, and today I just kind of halfed it with a full skirt and my favorite sweater jacket. When Nick dressed up Victorian, he just looked hot - but he did cheat by wearing jeans and a t-shirt underneath his "victorian" jacket. Lauren has been looking pretty sexy in her high-necked, full shirted, lady-like getups. Maybe I can get a picture out of her.

Speaking of pictures, Nick and I spent about sixteen hours trying to get a good picture of us in front of the tree we decorated tonight for datenight. Here is an outtake.

Here is our precious tree, in our precious reading nook upstairs.

We did a pint-size tree since we're doing a full blown baby downstairs for this girls - but this cutey little live one is just for our kiddos & us. Here is a picture from the bottom, making it look ominous and one of my favorite ornament I got a few years ago from Anthropologie.

Tomorrow we have quite a day as we're going to hear some lectures by the theologian D.A. Carson and we're spending the whole day away from the bebes! I'm nervous but excited to do some listening & learning with Nick. After the kids are in bed, it's back to Victorian Christmas for our last shift.

Here is something funny about our Sunday: Sundays can be a little tedious because we have such a drive and because Nick has a class after church. We have a well-oiled plan in place and we work it well. We drive seperately, me with Glory & Nick with Elias to church, go to church, leave a few minutes early and run by the grocery store to get Nick some lunch and the kids & I a snack, then Nick stays for class and I take the kids home. I started doing nursery every other week since we already drive separate and I just go a few hours early, serve, Nick brings the kids, and we do the rest of the day. Well - we were so excited because Nick doesn't have class this week! For like two weeks, we've been celebrating about driving to church together and then home until... I realized it's my week to do children's ministry. Nice.

Ok, back to watching The Grinch with my little grinch for datenight.
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