Wedding Re-do, Part 1

So, Nick and I didn't get to make it to our fun Christmas party tonight. We got halfway there and the snow was pouring. It wasn't snowing in Puyallup but we were really worried we'd get stuck so we regretfully turned around. We went to dinner at our favorite thai place in Tacoma & talked about one of our favorite subjects: our wedding. So we decided to imagine we were getting married right now, with unlimited money... how would we do it? Now, this is no disrespect to our wedding because my parents put on one heck of a show. It was my favorite day ever & it was amazing. But this was a fun game to play...

So let's start with the basics.
- We would absolutely keep the same location. Little church on the beach at Sullivan's Island, reception at the country club in my parent's neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant.
- However, if we were getting married right now we wouldn't be bound by school schedules so we'd get married around the first weekend in November. This obviously changes the color scheme.
- We'd go with charcoal & purple. Think these swatches for inspiration.

- To start we'd have a much smaller wedding party so we'd have a really small rehearsal dinner the night before. Somewhere in downtown Charleston where we could eat something like soup & drink coffee afterwards. I would still love to sleep in my room at my mama's house the night before, with Mere in bed beside me and my sister on her way up the stairs with some bran muffins as I woke up. Some memories you just can't change:)

- We would still do around six p.m., and hopefully this time of year it would be darker so we could go almost totally candlelight. There would only be one type of flowers and that would be peonies. My sister & I would carry these very simple bouquets with fresh cut peonies everywhere. If I was feeling really anal, I'd wrap these bouquets in purple-dye dripped twine.

- As for the wedding party, we'd rearrange things a bit. We had a few bridesmaids & groomsmen who we have barely spoken to since our wedding and made some great friends since then. For example we'd have to add Lauren, Shawn, Kelly, Marilee, Thadd, & Staci. But that would make our wedding party like twenty people, so we'd just have family up front with us (Leland, Josh, & Katie) then have the rest of everyone sit off to the side in the choir loft - like a VIP section.

-My sis would wear this charcoal dress & this purple cardigan. We'd both wear these quartz earrings.

At the reception, I'd also put on a purple cardigan & the boys would wear charcoal colored 3-piece suits.

Oh, but what would I wear? Honestly, my wedding dress is my favorite dress in the world, but we're doing fantasy -
so I guess it should be different. How about this goodie from Vera Wang?

Hair down & half up - hopefully still as long as it was then:) If not, I'd get extensions.
Simple makeup & smokey eyes.

- I don't think there is much that could make that hour better than it was. We'd definitely have Gil lead worship and I'd like to walk into his song, "I love your face", I think that is not the real title. Also, I'd love for him to do John Mark McMillans, "How He loves Us".
- Robbie would still have to do everything & we'd keep the same vows, for sure.

... Ok, that is it for now. Thanks for indulging me, If you don't mind, there will be one more part coming up. We have to talk about music & food at the reception, next. This is really fun for me. Thanks, friends. Anyone else want to do a fantasy wedding for me to read about?