what a good day!

Yesterday was just one of those really sweet days.

When I opened my eyes at 8:30am, I realized two things: a) my alarm didn't go off and b) what?! my kids were still both asleep?
With so much rest, I felt really excited to spend the whole day with them and kept telling them there was no one else I'd rather spend my day with besides them. I really meant it, and that felt sweet too.

We sent Nick off to his last day of school in Portland, which was an amazing feeling for us & him, I'm sure. We played and played and I got a chance to take my nasty nail paint off and trim the crazy pregnancy hormone assisted new growth of nail. Elias boycotted our daily walk because he refused to get in the stroller, so we just played outside for a bit instead.

Lauren took Elias on a trip to the grocery store so I could feed Glor and take a real shower. By real, I mean I spent more than two minutes in there and when I got out - I had plenty of time to truly straighten my hair and do my makeup by the time they both woke up! Why get so dressed up in the late afternoon you ask?

For Silas, of course! It was sweet Si's first birthday so after our naps we got dressed and made the trek to Bellevue to play with friends. The Wights put on the most fun and creative 1st birthday party that I've ever been to! Everyone got fish as a party favor and all the cupcakes were put together to form the shape of a sweet little fish! While it was a bit challenging handling my two at a birthday party without a daddy for the night, lots of friends offered a helping hand. And when I accidentally left Elias' lovey at the party and the night should have gone terribly wrong, he just held his sis' hand the whole way home and picked out a new stuffed animal to sleep with.

As for this morning, my hair is still somewhat straight, our fish-gift is still alive, and no one woke up until 8:30am again.
Thanks Jesus for blessings we really don't deserve.
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