What we've been up to.

(a glimpse into our lives as of late)

  • Big kid food. Glory is totally over baby food and I swear to you, that girl would eat a steak if I cut the peices up small enough. What can I feed a sweet, beautiful, monster-like when hungry, bottomless pit?
  • Skiss, Skiss. Also known as music. Elias has to listen to it during naps, all night, while he's getting dressed and during meals. Specifically THIS SONG. Lauren put it on a mixed cd and our whole family is obsessed with it. When we're done, Elias yells "gin! gin!".
  • Clapping. Glory is clapping her little life away and it is cu-ute.
  • Family dinners. For the past two nights we've eaten dinner with just the four of us, at the same time. Never happened before last night.
  • Crying ourselves to sleep. What? All of a sudden Glor-Glor is crying for like 30 minutes when we say night, night. I think she is just really starting to like us and doesn't like to say goodbye.
  • Trees & Christmas lights. Elias likes Christmas more than Santa, I think. We put a big tree up downstairs for the girls and even though it took about six hours, Elias picked up each ornament and handed it to one of us and showed us exactly where he thought it looked best.
  • Fruit snacks. Apparently, they're addictive. Who knew?
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