A year in review, issue #2

My favorite pictures from 2008.

January 1, 2008 - last day living on the east coast

first few nights at New Beginnings, bonding with girls who have big bellies

our babymoon suite on whidbey island

meeting my favorite little girl in the whole world

taking the meanest, most beautiful baby you've ever met home from the hospital.
Also, if you want a good indicator of her size - she still wears this 0-3 month coat today.

mothers day 08. a sweet moment with a terrified elias.

a random picture of glory during her colic when she wasn't crying.

Elias busted up after a week of exciting boy falls

the happiest boy in the world with his daddy at a mlb game

around nonny's table with babes, wine, & cheese. we'll be back soon!

you have to love the day you become officially cool

my view most days.

a sweet pic of playing E on the day I found out about baby 3.

the silly way Glory uses a passy.

thanksgiving, take 2.

bright blue eyes. 

when he still liked snow. 

and a family pic to round it all up. 
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