accomplishments of the day.

Football is on ALL day. So Nick got a kid day/football day and I got to clean.
- I finally got to organize the kids closet/clear out all their old clothes. Abel and/or Ava have some really nice things coming to them depending on what we're having. For the record, I think Miss Ava Winkler will end up being the lucky recipient. I think Abel will be giving all our boy clothes back:).
- Downstairs furniture dusted.
- Massive section of house that is hardwoods cleaned - for the first time I tried a white vinegar solution & I really liked it. Nick hates the smell though.
- Soon, I will vacuum downstairs & up, clean the bathroom, and tonight I'll take all the ornaments off of our family tree. I mean, it is January 10th.
- I got to send several long facebook messages to my new internet friend, Michelle, thank you miss Sirkie-poo for the connection.

HOWEVER - the real accomplishment of the day is:
Elias finally gave me all the kisses. I give him ALL the kisses all the time, but when I ask for all the kisses - I usually only get one. Today, not once - BUT TWICE - has that sweet little boy come up to me and just covered my face in wet ones. Oh, praise Jesus.
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