baby banana update

info: I wrote this blog on Tuesday the 6th, so pre-flood. Baby is still safe post-flood, however.

I just read tonight that little Tres is the size of a banana now. Ummm, I want some banana bread... to be specific, Lauren's chocolate banana bread.

Anyhow - today I learned a valuable lesson that you shouldn't call your husband from the OB & say "I have good news & bad news". That freaks them out.

My good news was that my four hour doctor's appointment was only going to take an hour since I'm not really showing any signs of diabetes this go round, they don't need to do the full out glucose test. The bad news was that when I went to schedule my ultrasound, my ob was totally booked up this week & next and I probably won't get to find out the sex before we go back to visit family. Otherwise, there was no real bad news. Heartbeat is good, and even though it seems smaller to me than the last two - my belly is right on schedule.

We are in a short waiting period for an all-clear from the genetic testing. We really debated whether or not to do any screening since we went through such an ordeal with Glory getting a really high false positive for a fatal genetic disorder, but our doctor made the decision for us. She felt since we tested so high, we should at least do the primary screening to be sure everything is fine. It's funny - with Glory, I was told I'd hear back in a day or two about those results - but because it was so out of the realm of my imagination that something could be wrong, I thought nothing of the results being several days late and just casually called to check when I found out everything was not totally right.

This morning, I tried really graciously to explain to the sweet lab-lady that I must be called PRECISELY when she said she would call. Not a day late, not a week late, really - like to the minute. But the truth is, I'm not crazy anxious. Not because I know everything will be ok and not because it doesn't scare the poop out of me if something isn't ok. I just feel ok during this little wait because I've learned that when it comes to everything - my plan is so much smaller than His & my idea of problems always seem to be the start of one of His solutions.

But I still look forward to doing a celebration blog post with a wine glass full of orange juice when the sweet lab-lady calls me soon.