in a different world.

Sorry if you've emailed, facebooked, or texted... I've been in a different world.
For whatever reason, when I'm at my mom's house - I don't even look at my cell phone. She does such a great job making it feel welcoming, homey, & vacationy all at once.

Friday we hung out at the house all day, family birthday dinner at night.
Saturday morning it was mani's & coffee for Ruby, Nonny, & I. Then Chik-fil-A with all the kids, then the boys went downtown to the new apple store & urban.
Saturday night, mom offered to do a "grands sleepover". Somehow Annajaye, Ab, Abel, Elias, & Gloriana all fell asleep and Katie & Josh got a datenight.
Today we did church at Seacoast, then football all afternoon & night. (Thus my new blog header.)

All that said, I won't bother you with the details for the rest of the week. I'll just say I'm REALLY enjoying my vacation.
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