it's gonna be a good week!

- Dinner with Kel & Kalle tomorrow
- Hopefully seeing the Wight's new abode
- NEW TV! NEW TV! TV BACK ON! I am a nerd & I don't care.
... Gossip Girl.
... The Bachelor
... The Office
... American Idol (well, next week)
- Psychotically long doctor's appointment on Tuesday which is mostly exciting because Lauren is letting me borrow her biography of Jon & Kate plus Eight, which I've been waiting to read
- One week closer to seeing family on the East Coast
- Small group starting again on Thursday
- Total Cereal is changing my life
- I'm holding out hope that maybe Elias will learn the number three this week. He is absolutely stuck on the numbers two and ten.
- I'm believing that my kids will also go back to sleeping past six a.m. We are about five days in to their new routine & I want to actually freak out.
- And it's the second week of the new year. What isn't great about that?
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