It's Sunday morning and I'm laying beside a sweet little boy who is still enthralled with the Cars movie. In truth, I only put it on just now in hopes that he'd pass out and I could go back to watching Top Chef. No go.

We've had a really sweet whirlwind of a weekend. Friday was our first full night away from the kids together in almost a year and all week I was dreading leaving them while they were sick, but around noon - I was itching to get out! When Nonny was all ready for the babes, Nick and I packed up and started heading to Rock Hill. Three whole hours in the car later, I felt refreshed and just really, really blessed to not have just reached behind me 306 times to grab a passy or fetch a lovey.

Nick had a quick meeting with possibly our favorite pastor in the world, Robbie Fischer, and I got some more reading in. After that, we went to Leland's sendoff for the Navy party that was sad but exciting all at once. Leland is Nick's brother and he leaves this weekend for bootcamp, while his new wife and baby will come meet him when he gets stationed in the next few months. Be sure to pray for them if you think about it - all three of them! I'm sure they'll all do great and I hope this is a really fun adventure for them.

After dinner, we met some Charlotte friends at the greatest Starbucks in America - also known as East Blvd. After some good laughs and catching up, Nick whisked me away - because, come on... we only had one night totally away from the kids. He was really sweet to get us a nice hotel room to enjoy for the night - sort of like a "birthday/Valentines/babymoon/just-because-we-can" suprise and it was really awesome to just pass out on a luxurious bed with no baby monitors in sight!

Saturday morning, after we had sufficiently slept in, I got to meet up with Mere & Etim who had driven in from Durham to hang out and it was awesome to go to lunch with them and just sit & catch up. Back to the hotel to get dressed and.... on to Staci & Tanner's WEDDING!

Oh - this is a post in itself, but the synopsis is - it was beautiful, she was beautiful, & I'm so excited to see what God does in their life together. The only sad part was we had to leave WAY too early - the dancing had just started and we barely got to talk to some sweet friends... but we had to truck it back to Mt. Pleasant to be here when the little ones woke up this morning.

So that's what we're doing this morning - reuniting. And napping. And cuddling.
Our short trip is almost over, but not before we have a BIG chuckie cheese celebration tonight.
YES. more to come!
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