let's see how this goes.

I like to talk to moms a lot about scheduling their kids, etc. because I think it is one of the most important things in survival for babies & toddlers. It makes your life easier & there's too if they are in a place where they really thrive. Our schedule is usually based about 50% around our ease and 50% around their needs and this week, we've had a major shift in that balance. This is what our old schedule looked like:

8:00 approx. wake up
10:30am Glory nap, Elias reading/quiet time
12pm both babies lunch & play
2:30pm Glory & Elias nap
6:oo/6:30pm bedtime

This schedule was pretty convenient for me & it worked for them ok, but lately they started to have some little symptoms of things not completely working out for them. Like, they started waking up at 6am instead of 8am. Also, Glory started getting psychotically fussy for like an hour before naps & by noon, Elias was laying his head down in his lunch plate. We needed a change.

So, we're two days into a new schedule that is amazingly good for them and pretty inconvenient for me. It looks like this:

7am approx. wakeup
10am Glory nap/Elias & mommy 1-1 time
12pm both baby lunch & playtime
1pm Elias nap/Glory 1-1 time
3pm Glory nap/Elias 1-1 time
5pm dinner/whole family time
6:30 bedtime

They've both been way happier & it has been such a delight to have time alone with them. Elias can truly play with his toys and do a lot more one on one learning, and Glory can really play with me. It just looks like they're learning more and liking life a whole lot more. However, I have literally no time without a baby to watch. It's A LOT easier to watch just one at a time for the most part though & I can get a ton of stuff done, but there is no true rest or away time.

So - we'll see how it goes.
I'm going to give it a few more days to see if the pay off is worth it. There will be atleast two or so days a week we'd have to modify, but for our "at-home" days, I think it will work pretty well.

Any other scheduling tips, mamas?
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