my first endorsement honor of datenight...

If I was one of those fancy bloggers, this would be a giveaway - where I make you answer some silly question & you all try to come up with something really creative and then I give away the item that a big company is paying me to endorse.

Well, thankful for you all - I'm just doing this from the goodness of my heart.

A backstory: I have pretty tough skin, but since moving into our little farmhouse in Puyallup & continually showering in well water, my little pores are just hurting. I started noticing a few months ago that everytime I shaved, whether I used a new blade or a totally new razor, whatever body wash I used or lotion afterwards - my legs would just bleed. Ugh, gross. And painful!

I've never put a lot of stock into razors until Nick suggested I try the new Intuition with the lotion & moisturizer built right in. (To his credit, he didn't research it - he just handed it to me in the shaving aisle while I was complaining. He is VERY manly.) I had no faith in the mere $7 contraption. None whatsoever.

No bleeding and that thing works! The razor is sharp and extremely efficient, but you barely feel as if you're shaving! Afterwards, my legs feel great and datenight is made all the better without catterpillar-like skin beneath my jeans. I HIGHLY suggest it, ladies!
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