9:30am - I'm still asleep, sort of, because it's my sleep in day when Elias, Nick, and Gloriana come to my bedside. Nick is carrying some coffee & Elias is carrying an acorn. He hands it to me & says "TAIS YOU!". With a start like this, you cannot have a bad day.

10:00am - Elias and I try to watch Beauty & the Beast because, frankly, I'm sick of Cars & Thomas the Train - but he won't do it. Glory doesn't nap so we all go play downstairs with playdough and try to work on our colors. Our focus is blue.

11:30am - lunch does not go well. Apparently, you can have a bad day if you're me. Nick swoops in and helps since Glory is teething like a mammajamma & Elias has already had two spankings.
* seriously - Glory's top two teeth are coming in and it is almost funny how swollen her gums are, you can see the whole outline of her teeth! It will be an interesting few days. *

1:00pm - Elias naps & Glory plays in her pack & play while I finally get to read some Bible words. I love my bible about three weeks ago and haven't been diligent to replace it, today Lauren gifts me with an old, unused ESV of her's & I swear I feel better just by placing my hand on it. Mmmm, I miss you - sweet sword.

2:00pm - Elias is still napping, Nick is at the store, my heart feels better & Glor and I watch Maxie & Spinelli fight on General Hospital. She smells like sour cheese - I'm probably not doing much better. How can it go down hill so quickly in one day? Yesterday I smelled awesome.

I envision the rest of the day looking something like this:
Elias will wake up with a vengeance, Glory will need to nap with a vengeance, they will trade place and E and I will play until I convince him to sit still long enough for me to "go potty", also known as taking a shower. Nicholas will return from his haircut, which I won't begrudge him - since I'm finally going to get one in a few weeks, and we will go on a special datenight. Dinner somewhere healthy & cozy, then to Starbucks so he can keep studying and I can write something for my writing group on Sunday.

ahhh, fridays.
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