vacation update.

These aren't very interesting posts, but I feel like I should update.

- The travel day on Wednesday was amazing minus a quick puke session on the way home which kept us from being able to see Leigh & Gray in Columbia.
- Thursday was a good catch-up day and I got some good time with the Walters kids, for which a blog is forming. I also got to go to lunch with my mom, which was very sweet.
- Today Nick and I head off to a little vacation alone for the night. Going away party for Leland, coffee with friends in Charlotte, spending the night alone, spending the day with Mere tomorrow, & Staci & Tanner's wedding tomorrow night! YAY!
- Elias has picked this week to begin having two year old temper tantrums. We've developed our strategy and we're sticking to it, but Lord - it is exhausting. I'm sure more blogs to come on this later.
- Sorry for no pictures on this trip. We brought our camera & forgot our camera battery recharger. Oops.
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