we are safe!

It was a normal, normal rainy day in Puyallup.
We had a staff meeting this morning, Elias watched cars, & Nick headed off to a meeting.
On the way to his meeting, he called me a little worried about the rain and the rumored prospects of flooding but locals had assured us it would all be ok.
Around 1:30 pm with Nick halfway through his meeting and almost an hour away, Elias and I were cuddling & Glory was fast asleep. Lauren came upstairs and warned me that downtown Puyallup was definitely being evacuated, but still our neighbors were all staying put.

I casually called Kelly to ask her if maybe we could come spend the night, couldn't get her on the phone, but didn't freak. Thank God Nick had done all of our laundry last night, so I took some fresh clothes for the kids and us and started throwing them in a bag. Lauren had decided to stay and wait it out, I figured we would just go on precaution.

And then - the poop hit the fan. Apparently the levees near our house all broke, (fyi: I have NO idea what that means) and the fire department was saying this would be record flooding - we had no choice but to leave immediately. Literally, the director of our ministry ran in the door screaming "WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!". Lauren and Beulah got ready to head to a hotel, but I was feeling a little panicky with my crazy toddler, sleeping baby, & still gone husband.

I won't get into the details of my near panic attack and narrowly-missed premature labor, but an hour later - all four of us were headed to the Cowans, safe and sound.

So now - we're here. Very thankful to them for taking us in & very thankful to the Lord that we aren't one of the families we're watching on tv right now, being air or boat rescued from their rooftops. Who knows what tomorrow will bring - maybe a surprisingly dry house? Maybe a massive mess to clean up? Maybe us bribing the Cowans to stay one more night?

We'll see.
Prayers excepted.