What goes up, must come down, can go up again?

This is totally unrelated but I have to say, as I'm starting this post my sweet son is writhing on the floor screaming "TRAAAAIINNNNS!" because he is so mad that I just turned Thomas the Train the movie off, to have the inauguration on in the background. I guess he voted for McCain.


Fast-forward eight hours later & I'm just getting back to writing this post.

The gist of it is that yesterday & today were the Murphy's Law of vacation. In the past twenty four hours, two separate babies have thrown up two separate times. Seriously, we've had like, three diarrhea busted diapers. One toddler, a bit wobbly from his recent pukage fell and pulled a muscle in his neck - leaving him on the couch in one position for the rest of the day. A few ruined outfits and quick trips to a nearby cheap store because mama forgot to pack a backup outfit when we did venture out. Lots of tears, lots of snot, a few temper tantrums, & not nearly enough naps.

But we've made it through - the puking is over for now and the neck has healed. Tomorrow is perhaps the hardest day on the kids of our whole mini-vacation - lots of driving and many hours strapped into carseats. We had a good word of prayer with the little ones tonight and we're believing that tomorrow will be much better than we expect and they'll just really enjoy their time with their Grandpa Connolly, Leland, Megan, & baby Haley!

Just in case, I'm packing extra outfits.

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