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*** Warning: This is an extremely superficial blog. Read without judgment. ***

As of this May, I will have been pregnant for three years - minus nine months, four months in between pregnancy one and two - five months in between pregnancy two and three. During all of those months that I wasn't pregnant, I was nursing. I don't count that as a curse, but as a major - major blessing. Nonetheless, that many months of pregnancy does not do a body good. I'm learning to embrace this mommy body, with the hopes that after this pregnancy I can go back to just a normal body, but in the meantime - I have to be EXTREMELY creative with ways to look hot for my man.

Thus, hair and skin quality have become somewhat of an obsession. I focus way more on my nails than I ever did before, I shave my legs very regularly, and I basically just try to take care of all the other parts that I can control right now - since I can't control stretch marks and baby bellies.

Ok, preamble is over. Confession: I am OBSESSED with my hair. With the color, the cut, how I style it. It doesn't always show in how it looks, but it too has been beaten by almost thirty months of pregnancy and the well-water at our house. It's gone from silky and long and a little wavy to thick and really hard to manage and ugly curly, but I refuse to give in. So for literally the past two years - I've been trying to make the best of the curl that increases by the hour, and make it be pretty wavy. I've tried different products, different styling tips, different curling irons - but alas, I could not reach my goal. Which was really something like this:

Well, I'm delighted to say after much research, I've figured out how to do it! One night a few weeks ago, I went to dinner with Lauren & Kalle and saw a girl with my same hair length and quality and her hair looked EXACTLY like how I wanted mine to look. I tried to chase her down (true story) after she paid her bill and ask her how she did it, but my big old preggo self couldn't catch her. However, the next day, I renewed my dedication and asked Lauren to come up to my room and help me figure it out. About six tries later, I think I finally got it. When I get well, I'll style it up and take a picture for y'all, but mine looks a little more like this, just way shorter:

Not exactly that good yet, mind you.

Ok, so if you want to do the beachy ringlet wave - here is a great video that helped me figure it out. Who knew you did it with a flat iron?! I plan to wear my hair exclusively like this for a while... at least till it grows out a bit more. My favorite part, the next day - you just touch it up and if you're really pushing it, the third day, you can throw it back like this:

Ok, good luck ladies. And thanks for indulging my crazies. Maybe the next totally mindless post will be about the hair masks that I've had to start doing to increase my hair quality from all the flat ironing.

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