day three

What do I say about the last forty-eight hours? 

I could write a whole blog about New Beginnings stuff. A new girl in, a girl giving birth, an adoption, the girls watching step up 2 for the 6th time in two days, our sink finally getting fixed but leaving our house in shambles overnight? Hmph. 

I could write a whole separate blog about my kids and this time alone with them. How it's so much easier than I expected, how I feel like I've grown 6,000 times closer to both of them, how they so desperately and intrinsically miss their daddy, about baby tres and how I think he is going to be really sweet because he's been super active - but every time I have a contraction hard enough to scare me, he backs off. How Elias sweetly sat beside me feeding me a mocha frappachino light today, he held the cup & everything, just because he thought I'd give him some, he was wrong. Or about Miss Glory and how she killed two pieces of leftover pizza for lunch. 

I would love to write about my husband & how much being apart from him makes me appreciate him, about how neither of us are phone people so we've talked like six minutes in three days - but hearing the excitement and peace in his voice is so telling and so encouraging. I should write about the number of emails I've gotten in the past few days in response to his blogs saying, "Boston! What?" because I thought we weren't really going so public, but eventually I'll explain it all. Or let him do that. 

Mostly, I'd like to write like 100 mindless blogs. About the bachelor or american idol and that crazy tatiana, about how my cell phone charger has a short in it and it takes me an hour to get it to work. About the new candles I bought today or about potty training and how tempted I am to throw a diaper on that butt & walk away from it all. Oooh, I'd also like to write a blog about how I am ALWAYS the girl at the stop light who is going straight but jumps and tries to go when the left turn lane gets a green light, even though the straight one is still red. 

It would be sweet to write about friends, too. About my sister and how a long phone call with her once every week does my heart some good (I'd like it much more often, but realistically - thats pretty darn good for us). I might write about Lauren and how much more sensitive she is than me and how that makes her so good at her job and how much my kids love her. About Marilee and her sweet gift for Tres (actually, I WILL blog about that because I promised I would). I've been writing in my head all afternoon about Kalle and how awesome it is that I can call her and hear her voice and feel better and ask her to rebuke me and even though she has no idea what for, she very sternly says, "You need to change your attitude" and she's right and I do and it's better. What about my best friends from college and the emails we're passing back and forth these days - I could definitely write about the good those little letters are doing me. 

But for now, on day three of husband-gone-ministry-gone-wild-trying-to-keep-a-calm-uterus-week, I will just write this long synopsis and make a list of what to write next. 
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