fashion friday for v-day

Ok, ok. I know I said I'm happy just to give my bebes love for Vday, but this is fantasy.
Here's what I wish was going to be waiting for them on Saturday morning as they eat their heart-shaped pancakes.

For Miss Glory.
a tutu to start

a hat to top it all off...

some sweet purple kicks,

... and that's right - if her dad would let me, I'd pierce those cutey ears.

For my big man:
have to represent the fam

for tumbling & breakdance practice

& his dreambed.

... & because even little boys need to feel fierce.

Lastly - in fantasy land. A little something for baby tres.

ok, ok... I'm really done now.
Just a little fantasy shirt for me to wear on our vday date.

Happy Valentines, y'all!
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