grace is...

Last week our pastor was talking about how an encounter with his daughter showed him grace and all week, in little passing points, I've thought - this is grace. So, this is sort of in lieu to a thankful Thursday, on a Saturday.

... Grace is God helping us to sell our Charlotte townhouse just before the housing crisis started. That enabled us to pay off all our debt and to sort of escape the economy all together with no house payment, car payment, etc.
... on that note, Grace is us living off support in the middle of a recession/depression and God always providing.
... I see God's grace in the fact that I'm married to my high school sweetheart - who I thought was too handsome, too Godly, too amazing for me then... and I still think so now.
... Grace is haphazardly becoming a parent and then finding yourself on your third baby two years later. The bulk of my sanctification comes from raising these two. Without them in my life, I fear I'd still be incredibly selfish (more so than I still am) and obsessed with my own fame.
... Grace is friends near and far who I have barely anytime to talk to, but can feel incredibly supported by - with a quick email or text message.
.. Grace is Lauren Hogan, being on Elias peepee watch while Nick and I get ready for datenight.
... grace is my Glory-girl, sweetly saying "heeeeyyyyy" when I go to get her up in the morning.

what is it for you this week?