I'm coming back, I hope.

First it was Christmas, then vacation, then a crazy few days & Elias' birthday and the superbowl and blah, blah, blah. The first thing I need to explain is that my sweet husband has been pounding away trying to speed finish a class during the whole month of January. This means that while I have my phone for checking email and updating facebook, I have no real computer for blogging or emailing. I actually have several long emails and about sixteen blogs that I want to write. So, sweet Lauren has offered me her laptop this evening so I can play computer catchup. 

In the meantime, here are a few blog topics that I would like to explore in the near future: 
- Elias' second birthday party. Lots of kids, lots of amazing friends, & lots of cars. 
- Potty training. Today I armed myself with three different books, a comfy toddler potty, and some sweet cars little man underwear. I think there will be lots of blogs about this subject coming up - but for now, let's just say I'm optimistic. 
- Our crazy house. For right now, I'm at the top of a love rollercoaster with our nuts ministry. Sometimes the insanity drives me, well, insane - but right now I feel like God is stirring something up and it is meaningful instead of mind-numbing. 
- The final stretch. I have roughly 15 more weeks of pregnancy. 15 weeks to get my junk together meaning get a healthy system down for laundry, chores, & all the other hard parts of motherhood & homemakerness. I also want to go into this baby like a fighter goes into the ring - it's not like I can work on my abs but I want the rest of my body to be in the best shape possible so that c-section recovery is as easy as possible. 

ok. That's what is coming up. 
What's going on with you? 
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