potty plan

Ok - I've read three different books & consulted a few friends and I think I've got my game plan. I haven't decided our exact day of execution because Nick and I are still trying to make some travel plans for this month & I don't want to totally screw with Elias' head. I feel like if I at least state my objectives on here, hopefully you all will continue to give me tips & encouragement and maybe if it goes really well, this will be helpful for others.

Step 1: Introducing the potty, big boy underwear, & work on undressing.
For the next few days & possibly weeks, we're just going to leave his new potty out and let him sit on it as he pleases - with or without intention. E often asks to go potty, but then gets freaked out when we put him on the adult potty so I'm hoping this will bridge the first scary gap.
Also, I've taken like sixteen quizzes entitled, "Is your child ready to potty train?" and the one indicator that we haven't conquered is pulling down & putting on his own pants. So we're going to work on that one.

Step 2: A week of wetting.
Once we think E has a good idea of the potty & underwear - we're just going to go for it. This will probably mean staying home for a few days and constantly just telling him, "go sit on the potty". We're going to go hardcore no diapers, except at his one nap & bedtime. I will probably throw up six hundred times at the smell of urine, but I'm in it to win it.

Step 2.5: Treats
E is obsessed with stickers so somewhere in the bathroom we'll do a sticker chart and he can put a new one up each time he goes - number 1 or 2. We'll do some small sort of candy for peepees & a big "snack" (a fruit snack) for poopoos.

Step 3: Pray & keep lots of extra little boy pants around.

... that's all I've got for now.
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