a sick, thankful Sunday

August 2008: Sweet Kelly Cowan tells me she is pregnant again & I email her a few days later to say, "oooh! Can I please throw you a family tree shower?" knowing she loves family history & this is a fun idea.

January 2009: planning for the shower goes into high gear. I insist on making handmade invitations rather than evites, because - come on, this is going to be a classy deal. All of us throwing the shower start an ongoing email putting together the menu, decor, fun games, & such to make the greatest shower we can imagine.

This past week: we all run around making our plans and purchases, getting extremely excited. I make up what I think is the funnest shower game ever (see bottom note) and have happy dreams about playing it at Kelly's & making her feel loved.

Last night, 8pm: Elias wakes up a little grumpy from a sweet slumber complaining that his "baby" hurts, you know - the one in his belly. Precious. He seems fine, so we cuddle in bed and I kiss his sweet face and realize I have a little bit of a sore throat. I also think to myself, "hmm... I hope he's not REALLY sick. Maybe I shouldn't kiss him so much".

9pm: Sweet E pukes all over me & our bed. Dang.
Forty minutes later he seems fine and I resolve to make it through the night, go to the shower the next day and not breathe on ANYONE.

10pm: I'm writing a text message to Kalle saying, "this is the scary part where you just sit scared by the monitor and pray you don't hear them again because that means they're really sick". After I hit send, I hear a moan & before I make it back to our bed carrying him, Elias pukes again. Dang. Dang.

10:40pm: I'm writing a text message to Lauren this time, saying, "now I just pray I don't hear Glory getting sick". As I hit send, I hear Glory puke. Dang. Dang. Dang.

11:00pm: Nick is holding Glory - covered in towels for when she pukes again, Elias is in our bed - covered with towels in case he pukes again. I am in the bathroom, puking.
Dang. Dang. Dang. Dang.

midnight - 11am Sunday
lots of thrashing and tears and moaning and puking, and now - coughing

12pm Sunday:
Lauren takes all my supplies to Kalle for the shower, I shed a little tear.

2pm: I stop throwing up and start the uncontrollably coughing fits. I finally fall asleep for a few minutes and try not to think about the fact that the shower I so want to be at is starting right now.

8pm: I'm back in bed, still coughing and planning on a doctor's visit tomorrow. Just beyond thankful that this didn't happen while Nick was gone, beyond thankful that Nick is totally healthy & the kids seem to be on the mend. Totally thankful this didn't happen tonight when I could have unknowingly infected all the ladies at the shower today. So, thanks Jesus.

**** now for the funnest shower game ever ****
I think I made this up, but maybe someone has done it before.
I used this website and made twenty pictures of projected baby faces using Kelly & Jason, friends coming to the shower, and celebrities. I used all sorts of combinations (think Kelly & Marilyn Manson, Jason & Rihanna, myself & Brad Pitt). And of course - I made just one picture of a projected baby face using Kelly & Jason's picture. Posted them all on a posterboard & shower attendees had to pick Kelly & Jason's baby. I hope it was fun!
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