update! update! potty update!

Seriously - I am beside myself with gratitude.
First - I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the giver of all good things and the mover of bowels.
Second - I would like to make the producers of rice milk and cheerios who caused my son to hit his maximum limit of food intake before he could expel some.
Third - I'd like to thank my husband, who took several different segments of time out of his busy day to sit beside Elias when he became uncertain of this whole "potty" thing.
Fourth - I'd like to my mother for her understanding when I hung up on her abruptly when my son looked at me with a funny face and said urgently "potty!"
And lastly - I'd like to thank my sweet two year old, for being so incredibly nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

The day started off a little rocky, Elias did not want a diaper on, but the toilet freaked him out. He had two really quick little carpet peepees, but even when he put a diaper on for naptime - he refused to go #1 or #2 in it. That boy is JUST like his daddy and when he wants to do something his way, he WILL do it. He kind of danced around with a full bladder all day, not wanting to wet his new cars "man pants" and not quite sure how to overcome his stage fright of the plastic toilet. I was a little worried his stubbornness was going to give him a kidney infection.

Then, around four o'clock pm, his bladder overcame him and he just sat down and did. Filled that whole little bowl like it was no big deal. About an hour later, during dinner, he urgently said the word and went #2 on the pot! AMEN!
Seriously, you know you are a mom when a little poop makes you cry and scream and yell "praise God!!!!". Even Nick was overcome with joy and said, "now - THAT, is blogworthy".

Tomorrow may be filled with accidents and we may not have such victory for a few more days, but we had a TREMENDOUS first day of potty training and I am so thankful.
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