baby day.

Woosh, it's been a baby-filled day. As if my ministry and livelihood wasn't centered around maternity & fetal goodness - when I take a day off, I have to push it full to the brim with bebes. But it's worth it.

Last night my sweet husband allowed me to go have a little spend the night with miss kal (since her husband was out of town), since we haven't done that since before we both got married and we won't get to do it again... um, ever? We talked about her twinsies, church planting, tres*, and the Lord. It was really nice.

This morning we woke up early to go to her special ultrasound and let me tell you mamas of singletons - we're ALL getting gypped. She gets to go once a week to look at every little detail of those boys! Today was her "short" ultrasound and it lasted an hour! It was amazing! Those boys are tooooo cute for their own good.

If that wasn't enough - I got to hang around Bellevue & wait for the newest Cowan boy to be born. Poor Kel & Jason (and the girls) have been fighting a bad flu all weekend, but they all made it through the c-section safe and sound! I'll let them do the official announcing on their blogs, but I can't help but tell you one big detail: he is HANDSOME. So handsome.

Then I made the drive back to the metropolis of Puyallup to play with my little ones and the whole way home, all I could think of was how excited I am to have this tres. Oh - my sidenote from before. Have I told you we've TOTALLY, DEFINITELY named him? We have. And we're totally, definitely not changing it. Just Nick and I were saying tonight how much it is him - his name. I think we'll be keeping it semi-private still, since I get weird and protective when I hear people saying my in-utero-names - but I am practicing calling him his actual name more often with family & close friends. We've even tried to get the kids to say it, since neither of them are necessarily great at pronunciation, and they're close. Definitely close. Elias will even rock Glor's doll and say the name as he pats the baby's back. Gloriana - she just yells, "puppup", bites the baby's nose and throws it down on the ground. Hm, we'll work on it.