a friday hodge podge

I really want to write a Lauren blog to continue my series before she leaves, but the emotion just sort of hit me at her going away lunch today - so I'm going to have to hold off. If I don't, I may crawl up to her room in tears and beg her to stay. Walking in the door from lunch, I just sort of got an ugly cry face and told her to stay away from me. I love her a lot.

In other news, here's whats going on in our life while we try to carry on as normal:
- Tomorrow is Miss Gloriana's first birthday. I wrote my bday tribute here, but I can't say enough... I cannot believe it has been a year since she was born. Cannot. This has been the FASTEST year of my life.
- My mom is coming next week! She surprised us a few days ago and we cannot wait! While she's here we're going to have an official birthday party for miss thang and we'll actually get to show her a little bit of our world without a newborn in tow.
- After my mom's visit, the goodness doesn't stop there! Next Erin Timmons is coming, then Merry & Craig, then possibly then Ladd's, then it's time for Tres to come which means my mom and Gibson come AGAIN, then my dad & Judith, then hopefully The Walters! If you want to add yourself to our list of visitors - DO IT. We really want to share our little world before we leave here and now that things are sort of winding down New Beginnings wise, this is the best time ever to come! We'd love to have you! pre-or-post-Tres!
- I think I've firmly figured out both of my kid's primary love languages and plan to blog about it. This is been really helpful for figuring out how to best relate to them. Elias' is undoubtedbly physical touch. This morning during rest time - he looked at me from across the bed and said - "Mommy - hold me." He is my son.
- Thanks for all of your who are praying/prayed for us during the assessment process! I didn't mean to leave you hanging! Our interview went well - our main prayer was that they would be totally clear on who we were: the good & the bad. Nick and I both felt like they grasped his heart for ministry & his biggest struggles, so that puts them in the perfect place to give us wisdom. We should hear back in the next few weeks and we'll make plans accordingly!
- I have a follow up ultrasound on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure they're going to tell me that #3 is sixteen pounds. My belly has almost quadrupled and my eating has been incredible. One day at the conference, I ate two sandwiches because I was just that hungry and then started getting light headed like 30 minutes later and had to eat some more. I think we're dealing with one big boy.
- ok, I think that's all I've got for now. Love you guys!
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